History of Saril

Saril is a world of darkness. Abandoned, it seems, by the Creator and the lesser gods. Forgotten now in time and space….

It was not always that way. There were times lost to memory and legend when Saril seemed more vibrant, more alive, and favored by the gods. The life energy in the peoples and the land was strong. In that time it seemed the strength of good always prevailed over evil;every story had a fairy tail ending. See Pre Rift Saril

Then there came the Rift.

The Rift was a clash of great powers, torrents of magic, and whirlwinds of divine energies. The battle of all battles between the forces of good and evil that waged for years.

And by all accounts of the Rift, good prevailed. At least that’s how it seemed. The forces of good crushed the head of the serpent.

It was only decades later, in the aftermath of the great battle, that the trickery of evil became clear. For in order to prevail, the forces of good unleashed a deep and destructive kind of magic, dark magic (which later became known as the Black Ink, or just Ink), that seeped like an oily tincture through the veins and creases of the land. It was a disease, a poison, a malady that slowly … so slowly … infected all that was natural and healthy in the world.

During those times the land became ill. The skies darkened, trees twisted, animals became rabid and enraged, and brother turned against brother. Anger replaced patience, hate replaced love. Septic waters flowed from the mountain streams and death was everywhere. Mothers bore abominations, and fathers turned away.

When the gods of good and righteousness saw the destruction they laid upon the lands they wept. And the tears of the gods of good became an intoxicating nectar for the dark gods. So in one final suicidal act, the gods of good bound the gods of evil to themselves and departed through heavens gate to another place, never to return in physical form to Saril again.

And time passed, century upon century, millennium on millennium.

Yet the inhabitants of Saril are a hardy lot. Despite the departure of their gods, and the ever present Black Ink that flows in the darker places of the land, the people of Saril continue to go on. And a new history is about to be written by those brave enough to face adversity in Saril.

History of Saril

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