Aradjcus is one of the main land masses on Saril, a large and relatively isolated continent (depending on time in history). It is north of the equator with climate similar to Europe.

Pre-Reckoning history is like anywhere else in Saril

Thousands of years after the Reckoning, history started to be recorded once again by humanoid peoples – humans, dwarves, elves, etc.

1 – 500 of Remor

On Aradjcus, any civilizations/people at the time (or before) the Reckoning is simply known as “The Ancients” or “Ancientia”.

Mankind’s first civilization was built around the one monument left by the gods of truth – the Spire (White Spire or White Tower). This massive spike of white rock juts hundreds of feet into the sky and can be seen from hundreds of miles away. The settlement and then City of Remor sprung from this location, and later this location was the centre of the Easmeir Empire. The Empire grew for hundreds of years around the area, and Remor become the city of civilization with barbaric areas east, west and north. Over time these become the territories of the Empire.

Far to the north, past the Wilden is the wooded homeland roots of the elves in the area known as The Highland. The Highland borders Norse Lake and the Upper Woods of Greanara.

During the expansion of Easmeir, leadership fell into the hands of greedy men. In the final stages of the Empire a bitter war of men was fought between the Empire and the Kingdom of Duran to the east. It was a costly war of innocent blood. The battle was for lordship over all of southeastern Aradjcus, and the resources of iron, maibalin and timber. In the 8th year of the war, evil struck surprisingly from the northern edges of Easmeir flanking the Empires military who were focused to the east. The Empire was laid to waste.

The northern armies where made up of orcs, goblins, dwarves and other vile creatures.

So began the Age of Sorrow for Aradjcus.

500 – 800 : Age of Sorrow

800 – 1500 : Age of Renewal

For mankind, the Age of Renewal was a return to freedom. The goblin and orcish tribes of the north collapsed upon itself and lost power. Slaves rebelled or escaped, and fled east and west to seek new lives.

The of Duran returned to Eor (formally Remor), only to find the city empty and the lower halls of the castle sealed.

Eor proper and the surrounding countryside

Irean Calendar : 1-500


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