Kiris Dahn Exploring 2

Party takes an 8 hour rest in the Temple. During the night, the group is awaken by screaming. Kong goes to investigate and finds a group of wondering goblins with wolves. He leads them back to the temple and the party needs to make an escape out the back door.

The group retreats to the library and feel they have lost their pursuers. They enter the library and confront the goblin guards there along with Rort, the Goblin Spellcaster who is exploring the books. A battle follows and despite the fact that the spellcaster summons some grey oozes, the party easily prevails. 600XP.

However, while the library battle is going on, the wolf keepers returned for reinforcements and track the party to the library. They goblins barracade the doors and try to smoke them out by setting fire to the library. Kong climbs up the chimney, along the roof, then falls off the roof knocking himself out. Secretly, Guido’s kobolds are watching this entire scene, and grab the fallen gnome dragging him back to the kobold slums..

The group without the Kong chops through a wall and escapes just as the goblins are distracted by kobolds.

The group re-groups in the hall of Guido Clementine.

The kobolds are preparing a raid on the goblins, and Guido gives the party a mission to kill a goblin patrol and promises, in exchange, to provide information about the location of the shard.

The party sets up to ambush the goblins but before they can, a group of Severed Eye orcs attack the goblin patrol first. They interrogate and brand 2 of the goblins and then release them. Both factions detect the party and attack them. BIg battle occurs. Only some quick thinking by Quinn casting ghost sound distracted the last two orcs and saved the party. Guido Clementine is not happy with the party. XP 1000.

The next morning, the party sets out to investigate the steaming pools, but is discovered and attacked by a Severed Eye hobgoblin group which they narrowly defeat. XP 750

Total XP this sesion 2350. Divide by 4 is 600 each – distributed. Characters level up.

Kiris Dahn Exploring

The party enters the mansion and takes on the goblins, drake and goblin boss Hu-Jat. They succeed in killing them. XP 675.

The party explore the mansion main floor. They find a loose stone with a scroll inside. The scroll seems to be a tally of the Kiris treasury and a riddle.

“Two by two the builder marched them. His name is key to va…….”

Quinn also finds a diary that seems to speak about how the shards are being depleted in protection of the town.

The party takes the stairs down below the main floor of the mansion. They move into the dungeon and encounter the rats and stirges. In the Kiris tomb, the party discovers the rune behind the tapestry. They discover the secret vault, the Kiris family treasury. Treasure = 200 GP and 50 Platinum. 750XP.

Distribute 400 XP each.

Party meets Guido, kobold from the lower town. He speaks in a chinese accent. Agrees bring the elders to treat with them about how they can help. However, when Guido returns he tells the party he was not able to convince the elders. Party pays him 10gps. He gives the party the name “Guido Clementine” as a password.

XP 800.

Distribute 200xp each.

The party makes its way back into town, into the temple district. They unlock the door and make their way into the Temple of the Moon. They meet Hoyt and just as he is about to reveal something, the goblins led by Triflik, attack. A battle ensues in the temple, and the players prevail. XP 675.

The players look at Trifliks sword and Kirk takes it. +1 sword, silvered, with other benefits.

They read the 2nd scroll and no information about the location of the Shard.

Kirk is infected with Filth Fever. Down one healing surge.


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